This is the website for The H.B. Allen Charitable Trust.  

General Information

The H.B. Allen Charitable Trust is a grant-making trust and a registered charity, Charity Registration number 802306.

This is a general charitable trust.  The Trustees have no restrictions on them as to the kinds of project or the areas they can support.  The Trustees are prepared to fund core costs as well as capital projects, but they are unlikely to provide initial funding for newly established organisations.  They do not make grants to, or enter into sponsorship arrangements with, individuals or to organisations that are not UK registered charities.

Intending applicants should note that the organisations that have received grants in the past should not be taken as indicative of any geographical or other bias.  All applications are considered on their merits.  There is no typical grant size.

The Trustees recognise that their policy of not formally adopting a narrow range of areas of interest has resulted in the large number of appeals they receive each year.  Although they remain of the view that they perform better as Trustees by seeing the wide range and number of appeals that this policy has entailed, they consider it right to set out what will have become clear to anyone conducting a review of their grants over the last few years.  Not only do they have principal areas of interest, but they have established relationships with a number of charities to which they have been making recurring grants over several years, albeit without commitment in the majority of cases.

It can be seen from the Annual Reports & Accounts that the trust has main interests in the categories it calls Environment/wildlife/animals, Medical conditions/research/hospitals and Museums/galleries/heritage.

The Trustees' current funding priorities will be found in the section called Guidelines.

The Future

There was never a plan or expectation on the part of the Settlor that this Trust would continue in perpetuity.  It has now been operating since 1987, and in that time it has made income grants in excess of £22 million.

The Trustees have made a provisional plan to wind up the Trust by the end of 2020.  By that time, their income grants will have exceeded £25 million and a distribution of the Trust’s capital is expected to bring the total grants to over £60 million.  This is such a substantial sum that the Trustees have thought it right to make a landmark capital grant as a lasting memorial to the Settlor’s philanthropy.

An announcement was made on 22nd October 2015 that the Trust is to make a capital grant of £25 million, between January 2017 and May 2018, to Keble College, Oxford.  The grant makes it possible for the College, with funding from other supporters and some long-term borrowings (currently available at attractive rates), to redevelop the site of the former Acland private hospital, which it acquired some years ago.  Because the Trust’s grant has provided the essential equity required to enable the project to proceed, the new building is to be named the H.B. Allen Centre and Miss Allen’s name in memoriam will be recorded alongside those of other major benefactors of the University.

The H.B. Allen Centre will provide a major centre for the College’s graduate students and new facilities to support the College’s inter-disciplinary Advanced Studies Centre.  Further information can be obtained from the College’s own website :

and in particular at :

 The Trustees are not inviting applications for other capital grants.